Wednesday, January 5, 2011

**Why Now**

So, why am I ready to do lose this weight after being obese for almost 14 years? Well, there are many, many reasons - I will post about them later, but the picture below was the final straw!

I was flipping through Xmas pictures, and, OMG, there I was - huge, unhealthy, sad. I don't usually see pictures of myself because I don't allow them to be taken, but this one slipped by me. This is what I look like to the world! I don't want the world to see me this way - I want to look better! Sure, it's vain, but there it is. Of course, I am losing the weight to become healthy, and I am losing it to set a good example for my daughters. But I am, also, losing it because I want to be able to feel proud about the way I look, and I can't be proud looking the way I do in the picture of above! I am ashamed about the way I look, and that is not how I want to live my life anymore.


  1. Not vain at all to want to look good!!!! Looking good brings confidence, and confidence brings with it the ability for all sorts of wonderful and deserved things to come into your life!

  2. BTW - I love the accountability of all these photos...! Good for you!

  3. And I so want to have confidence again!