Wednesday, March 9, 2011

**Day 68**

My treadmill walk/run went good, and I felt great when I was done!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, my treadmill is old, and not in the greatest shape - the belt slips while I'm using it, and it's very annoying.  I'm thinking about talking to my hubby about getting a new one.  I found one at Walmart for $380 - not cheap, but not terribly expensive, and it has great reviews.  Still, I don't know if it's something we should really put our money towards, at this time.  I do have the option of using the clubhouse gym which has great treadmills, but I am more comfortable, right now, running at home, but do I really want to spend almost $400 just because I'm a big baby, and don't want to run in front of people?  Seems pretty silly, right?

We went out to lunch today w/ friends to Pizza Hut, and I ate three slices of thin crust pepperoni pizza - so that was 600 calories, and way too much fat!  We had the buffet which has a salad bar, so I could have made better choices, but I didn't, and I have no excuse.  I should have had a salad, and one piece of pizza.  Yup, coulda, woulda, shoulda, but didn't.  Moving on....again.

My not so likeable visitor of the month is due on Friday which I'm sure is going to mess with my weigh in a little, but, oh well, not much I can do about it.  We'll see what happens!


  1. If it's any consolation, the salad bar there didn't exactly have the 'bestest' of options anyway. I, like you, had the best of intentions going in - but, oh well. Now I just suffer the rest of the day.

    I do think your worth a new treadmill if you know you'll use it, but why not try on craigslist or even freecycle first! You may not get a brand new top of the line for free- but I bet it will be working better than what you've got (be it a little dusty ; ) Never know!

  2. I'm such a cheap-ass that I would wince spending that kind of dough on a treadmill. But that's me. If you are more comfortable doing that and it fits your family's budget, then go for it.

    The Pizza Hut buffet was my undoing last Friday, so I can't be much help there....and I even started out with a big salad. I'm such a pizza person I really have a hard time stopping. You could have done much worse!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. Hey, you could have done a lot worse than three slices of thin crust!! I do a lot of damage when it comes to pizza!!!

    As for running in front of people... try not to freak out about it too much. No one is paying attention to you, everyone there is too wrapped up in their own workout!