Saturday, March 12, 2011

**Day 71**

We had a crazy busy day!  Our furnace broke down, so we woke up to no heat - that's always fun.  My hubby fixed it, temporarily, until he can get a part for it on Monday.  Then, we took the girls to see a play - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - it was so good!  And then we went out tonight w/ friends.  So, other than the furnace problem, we had a great day.

My eating was good for breakfast and lunch today, but we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner - I had appetizers, and basil fried rice with chicken.  And I had a few drinks at our friends' house after dinner, so not a good day calorie wise, but I'm not worried about it.  I made a choice to go out and enjoy myself, and I'm fine with that.

I forgot to post about my exercise yesterday!  I did get my training in for my 5K, and I did some strength training w/ my 10 pound weights.  Today, I did not exercise, but I will, definitely, get in 30 min. on Sunday.


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  2. OMG...basil fried rice w/ chicken sounds DELISH.

    You have to live your life, kiddo. Eating that and having some wine isn't a major catastrophe. The way I see this whole weight loss thing is that if you can moderate what you eat and still live like a "normal person," then you've mastered your mind. You can't stop living because you're trying to lose weight. You just have to be slightly more aware of everything than "normal people." Haha!

    I'm right there with you on the 30 minutes today, too. Know that when you're working out, I'm somewhere in the world working out right next to ya. :) Gotta get myself ready for my 5K, too. Uggggggggggh! LOL!

  3. Hi, George! I just sent off an email to you - thanks!

    Hi, Chubbs! I agree, that I have to live life, and not restrict myself every second of the day. If I try to do that, I will fail. I have to keep things loose every now and then, and allow myself some free nights where I can just enjoy myself and NOT think about every calorie I'm putting in my mouth....not do a crazy binge or anything, but you know what I mean! Oh, and I can't wait until we both complete our first 5K - it's going to be awesome!!!