Monday, March 21, 2011

**Day 80**

Reason #21 to lose weight - my neck!  I'd like to have a neck again!  Another blogger posted that she can't wait to see her collar bones again, and I look forward to seeing those, too, but even more than that I want to see my neck!!!  Right now, I have no neck - my head just sits on my shoulders!  Oh, and another thing I have is that buffalo hump on my neck - do any of you have that?  It's like an accumulation of fat on the back of my neck - very sexy.....NOT!  I hate wearing my hair up because it's so noticeable if I'm not wearing a collared shirt.  So, yea, with almost 20 pounds gone I was hoping to have more of a neck by now, but, nope, nothing yet, but, hopefully, soon!!! :)

Exercise for today was a 2 mile walk with WATP dvd.  My knee is still bothering me, but not so much that I can't exercise, so that's a good thing, but I'm wondering what's going on with it.  I'm continuing to ice it after I work out, and, hopefully, it won't get any worse.


  1. A guy that I work with commented a couple months ago that he could tell that I had lost weight because, as he put it, "now you have a neck!" He's French, so maybe it wasn't as offensive as it seemed to him. He's right, though ... I have collarbones now, and fewer chins. The collarbones started to show fairly quickly for me ... I'm sure yours will surface soon!!!

  2. Oh, I forgot about the chins, Mary!!! Yes, I can't wait to have fewer chins, too!!:)

  3. Collarbones have always been one of those things that I grade myself on too! When I see photos of the different stages of weight fluctuation I've had - the one's with more prominent collarbones make a world of difference! I mean, it's not like my rear end is really going anywhere considering I've had it no matter what I've weighed.. but nice collar bones without pudge hiding them away, THAT is achievable: )

  4. "Buffalo hump!" YES! YES! YES! I have a little one and I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it. Can't wait for it to be gone.

    And chins, too! You're right! I can't wait to take a picture at eye-level and not cringe when I look at it because I see all that excess skin under what should be just my jaw bone. UGH!

    Hope your knee feels better. Until then, modify the workouts as best as you can. You don't want to blow out your knee and not be able to workout! YIKES! (one of my biggest fears these days!)

  5. Yo! Just needed to pop on here (again...I think) and tell you that your "buffalo hump" comment helped me push through my workout today (I didn't think I was going to be able to do it and then that phrase kicked in and I went bonkers at pushing my sick self into not stopping).

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! You saved my workout today!

  6. @Chubby - I'm glad thinking about the hump got you through your workout!! LOL! I was doing the same thing during my workout! At one point, I was chanting - "go away hump, go away hump" - ha!!