Friday, March 25, 2011

**Day 84**

Well, I started off my day good w/ a protein bar, an orange, and a glass of milk, and for lunch I had half of a deli turkey sandwich (took off the top piece of bread), and an apple.  Then things started going downhill a bit....okay, alot!!:(  My daughter had a cake decorating class, and, dang, that caked looked good when she was done, so I took a bite, and then I took another bite, and then another....and then, well, maybe, about three more bites.  Dinner was a Caprese sandwich w/ fries.  Dessert was a Cafe Mocha from Caribou.  Then, I had a couple cups of riesling wine, and then a glass of Bailey's.  I was bad....very, very bad.  And I'm already paying for it - my fingers and toes are swollen, and I feel like crap.  My body is not used to me eating like this anymore, and it's not liking it.  Not much else to say.  I WILL do better tomorrow.


  1. WILL do better tomorrow. Every day is a new day. Here's the better decisions that will lead to a nicer weigh-in!


  2. Thanks, Ms. McGee! I'm not happy with myself right now, but I'm human - I'm going to slip now, and then.:( But I'm moving on, and, yes, I will do better.