Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I posted new pictures, but I can't really call them progress pics because there wasn't really any progress last month, but I posted the pictures anyway, AND I'm wearing shorts.  I stressed all day about posting a pic of myself in shorts.  I haven't worn shorts in years, and you will know why when you look at the photos.  I haven't looked at my legs in a mirror in years, so seeing them again was not a good thing for me.  I mean, seriously, my knees have disappeared - I have no knees!!  My legs look like tree stumps and putting a picture of them on the world wide web is very, very hard for me to do, BUT I posted the pics because I will be so happy when my knees start appearing again, and I want to be able to see the progress from month to month, and I want others to see the progress, too.  Also, I want to stop hiding how I look.  This is how I look, right now.  I'm not happy with it, and I'm doing something about it, but, for the timing being, this is me.

I'm really disappointed that I didn't have a very good February, but I'm not beating myself up.  I'm still learning what works, and what doesn't.  Clearly, I was doing something wrong, and I'm going to work on doing better.  I need to exercise more, I need to drink more water, and I need to start tracking my food.  I know I've been eating much better - much, much, much better!!  But I really need to start tracking my calories to make sure I'm not eating too much, so I need to follow through on the tracking this month.

I'm looking forward to this month - I'm going to kick ass!!

I had a great workout at the gym this morning:
25 min. on the treadmill
15 min. on the elliptical
10 min. on the bike


  1. I know how you feel about your legs. I haven't worn shorts in over a decade. When I go to the beach I wear shorts over my bathing suit...but...that's as close as I get to "shorts." I don't even wear skirts/dresses that are short. I know that you (and me) can get our body weight down and then tone up those parts that we don't like. We'll see our knees again. I know it!

    P.S. I posted pics of me in shorts today, too. I was worried about doing it (putting that on the World Wide Web!), but I wanted to compare that pic with what I look like in 6, 7, 8, 9 months. It'll be really cool to see the transformation. I think that, if we can't see what we are now for what we look like now, then we won't truly appreciate what we'll look like when we finally get where we want to go. :)

  2. You look great in the pics :)
    Such a great waist :o

    You should be so proud

    I feel pretty similarly about my legs, think I will always have 'heavy legs' but they are deffo getting smaller


  3. I just finished reading blog post from today - awesome post as always! You are looking great! We going to get there! By the end of this year - we are going to hotter than we are now!!! LOL!

  4. I love that top you're wearing in the picture. Looks good on you. I don't want to diminish your feelings, but your legs look pretty darn nice to me. February is gone and March is just waiting for you to do something fantastic. Remember, progress - not perfection.

  5. Thank you, Darla! It's so hard for me to see anything good when I look at my body, but I'm working on it. Thanks for the support!

  6. I told you this in person, but I can see in the pics too that your behind does look smaller in the hips - maybe that's where your 1 pound is! Also, I don't think your legs looks nearly as bad as you perceive them...trust me, I realize it's all in the eye of the beholder but your description as tree trunks, might be just a tad rough on yourself ; ) (BUT I can completely relate to how you feel, I didn't wear shorts last summer for that very reason : |