Tuesday, March 8, 2011

**Thigh Rub**

Reason #18 to lose weight - holes in the jeans because of thigh rub!  Oh, yea, my jeans always end up tearing open at the thighs because of the friction caused by my inner thighs rubbing together.  One time it happened and I didn't even notice!  We were at Wisconsin Dells w/ another family last September, and on the last day we spent half the day walking around the downtown area and doing some other stuff.  Well, when I sat down in the car to leave a big piece of thigh fat was hanging out of a hole in the thigh of my jeans!  I hadn't even felt it, and I have no idea how long it had been like that!  And it was a HUGE hole!  So, embarrassing!  I'll be happy when the inner thigh blow out on jeans is a thing of the past!!

Update:  I had to come back and fix the "hole" word in this post - I have no idea why I used "whole", instead of "hole"...TWICE!  I hate that!  


  1. SOOOOO agree - and it really sucks cause obviously it happens the fastest to your favourite pairs :(

    The AMOUNT of jeans I have lost this way

    Not to mention BEAUTIFUL pairs of linen trousers.....

  2. I hear ya, Edel! It's so very annoying!

  3. Been there, had that happen! It stinks!

  4. Ugh....my thighs are guilty of this.