Wednesday, April 13, 2011

**Day 103**

I did have a gain today at my WW weigh in - 1.4 pounds.  So, I'm back up to 228.6 - dang!  I'm glad I'm still below 230 though - I will never enter the 230's again!  I'm going to have a huge loss at weigh in next week because I'm going to work my butt off until then - eat right, drinks lots of water, and, of course, regular exercising!!

I don't think I'm going to make my May 1st goal weight which is 216.5!  Back on March 13th, my dad said if I could lose 15 pounds by May 1st he'd pay for half my treadmill.  I'd have to lose 12 pounds over the next 17 days to make make the goal - yikes!  The 15 pounds was my idea - I should have said 10 pounds!  Okay, so I probably won't meet that goal, but I'm still going to push myself like crazy over the next few weeks.

Exercise today was my C25K training:

  • Walk 5min.
  • Run 10 min.
  • Walk 3 min.
  • Run 10 min.
  • Walk 5 min.
I had a much easier time today than I did on Monday - thank goodness!  I'm excited about Friday's run - 25 min. straight!!  And I'm dreading it, too - dreading it because I know it will be hard, but excited because I know I will finish it, and I'll be so happy and proud when I do!


  1. You've got this, chica! You've GOT THIS!!!

    Go, baby, GO!

  2. Thanks, Chubby! We BOTH got this!! :)