Friday, April 15, 2011

**Day 105**

I had a great workout today!  I was on my treadmill for a total of 62 minutes - I walked for 5 min., ran for 25 minutes straight, and then went back to walking for another 32 minutes....I went a total of 3.260 miles.  Yea, I'm slow!  I don't run fast, at all.  I haven't been working on speed - my goal has been just to get through the runs.  I felt really good on the 25 minute run today - my calves didn't hurt, thank goodness.  I think, I'm ready to start working on speed now.  I have three days of training next week, and each day I have to run 25 minutes straight, so I will try to increase my speed each day.  Now, don't think I'm not getting a workout just because I'm not that fast!  I am dripping in sweat when I'm done, and my heart rate is up - trust me!!!   Anyway, I'm really enjoying the running!  I'm looking forward to the 5K in July - it will be here before I know it!

Not much else to say - except..... TGIF!!!!  I'm so glad the weekend is here!!  I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend w/ my family!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, too!!


  1. Holy crap! Running for 25 mins straight! That's incredible! You're doing such a fantastic job and I'm so proud of your effort!

    Have an awesome weekend, Shannon!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  2. GREAT WORK!!!!

    I'm super proud of you! Geez...I can't even run for that long....straight! GO, GIRL! GO! You're my inspiration for the entire day!!!!

  3. Thanks! You ladies are awesome!!