Sunday, April 17, 2011

**Day 107**

I helped my husband dismantle our old deck today (he's going to build a new one), and by the time we were done my already sore back was killing me, so the last thing I wanted to do was exercise, BUT I got on my treadmill anyway.  I walked a little over 2 miles, and I was walking fast - well, fast for me - at 3.8 mph, and I wanted to slow down so many times, but I kept thinking to myself......if Chubby can walk 8 miles in one day, and if Mary can run 5.25 miles in one day, then I can make myself go just 2 miles, at a good rate of speed!!!  And thinking of that helped me finish, so thank you Chubby and Mary for inspiring me!! :)

I'm looking forward to Week 7 of my C25k training this week - I have to run for 25 min. straight Mon., Wed., & Fri.  I, finally, put some music on my iPod, and used it while I worked out today.  For the last six weeks, I've just been staring at a wall while I was on the treadmill, so it has been pretty boring, and it was so, so much better working out with the iPod today!!


  1. Hooray! I love that push - whenever I feel like giving up but push myself to finish, the adrenaline rush when I'm done is way stronger. I think it's because I feel a little like I've done something impossible ... and if not impossible, something I didn't entirely believe I could do. :) Keep up the great work, and enjoy Week 7! I would make themed playlists to run to while doing it, with lots of great motivating workout jams.

  2. awww...shucks....

    Gotta say...I often, often, often think of you when I'm working out. You inspire me and help me push through the shin splints that beg me to stop. Haha!

    Go, babycakes! ROCK IT!