Monday, April 18, 2011

**Day 108**

I didn't feel good all day, so I had decided, early in the day, to skip my C25K training, but around 10pm I started feeling better, so I headed down to my treadmill, and spent 60 minutes on it!!  I did my 25 minutes of running - it was tougher today than it was Friday, but I got through it - and then I walked the other 35 minutes.  I went about 3.3 miles, and I burned a little over 300 calories.  Sometimes, it's still hard for me to get motivated to workout, but, once I start, I, often, don't want to stop!  Like tonight, I walked for 5 min., and then did my 25 min. run - at that point, I was done w/ my 5K training, but I felt so good I wanted to keep working out, so I did for another 30 min., and I love that!  I love that I'm getting so into working out, and, quite frankly, I'm shocked by it because just 108 days I was a person who had pretty much spent the last 13+ years just sitting around on my ass, not doing much of anything!!  But now, I'm turning into a runner!  Me, a runner?!!  It's crazy, and awesome!  It's amazing what can happen in just a few short months, isn't it?!