Tuesday, May 17, 2011

**Day 137**

What number am I on for my reasons to lose weight??  I have no idea either, so no more numbers!  Anyway, I've seen quite a few obese people (mid-50's, early 60's) using wheelchairs or walkers lately.  I'm not saying they are all in wheelchairs or using walkers because of their obesity, but I bet some of them are.  I mean, being obese for years and years will, definitely, take a toll on the knees and the back.  Heck, I'm only 39, and I can feel the effects on my body.  So, if I can prevent ruining my knees and my back by losing all this extra weight the time to do it is now because I'm not getting any younger!  Yea, avoiding having to use a wheelchair or walker someday is a great reason, and motivator, to lose weight!

Exercise today:
30 Day Shred, Level 2
Ellipitical - 30 minutes
Treadmill - 20 minutes


  1. Oh, Shannon...this is something that bothers me all the time when I go out in public. I get really sad when I see the elderly obese. I know how difficult it has to be on their joints. When I was at my maximum, I'd hate getting out of bed because I'd put my feet on the floor and pain would start in my heels and go all the way up my back. I had just turned 31!!! I started to lose the weight and, you know what?, I get out of bed and there isn't ANY pain. None! Sometimes...maybe...after a grueling workout...I feel my muscles are a bit tight...but that's it!

    My dad is also in his 60s and he uses a cane. He's also massively overweight. I don't know what he weighs, but I'm sure he's pretty close to 400 lbs (he's about 6'0"). He moves like he's in agony. When we went to the zoo, he waddled and had to keep sitting down. We had to keep waiting up for him. It was so sad. I keep hounding him to lose the weight, but he's just so stubborn. I KNOW that if he were to shed about 200 lbs, he'd be able to lose that cane. I just KNOW it.


  2. I, rarely, wake up w/ pain anymore either, Chubs. It's amazing what losing just 25 pounds can do for the body!

    It must be so hard to watch your dad live that way. I hope one day he will be able to want it enough for himself to start losing the weight.

  3. Shannon, it really is difficult to see him this way. He had an eating disorder when I was a kid. He'd starve himself. I distinctly remember him going for days without food: "fasting"...he'd call it. He weighed a lot less. My biological mother was always hounding him about weight and that's when his issues with food got really bad. Once they got divorced (she cheated on him! Bitch!), he really packed on the pounds. His health is REAL bad. Like...real bad. He has major heart issues and he's had a ton of strokes (he's blind in one eye from one of the strokes). So...I really hope he gets his ass in gear soon...cuz...I really don't think he has much time left on earth. I love him SO much. He's one of the most amazing men in the universe. Such a sweetheart. I want him to want to lose weight, but...I'm not holding my breath. :(

  4. Oh, I feel so bad for your dad, and all the health problems he has. :( Don't you wish there was a magic wand for us and our loved ones?!