Wednesday, May 25, 2011

**Day 145**

I'm, finally, feeling back on my game!  My cravings were gone today - thank goodness!!  I don't know if I would have made it through another day like yesterday!  And I felt good during my workouts today, too.  I did WATP 2 miles and I sweat my butt off!  It was a great workout.  Also, I did a 20 min. outdoor walk/run with my sister.  I was able to run for 6 minutes straight without stopping - I was so happy!!  Then we walked for a bit and then ran again, and then walked, etc., but I'd say I ran for a total of 12 minutes, all together.  My breathing was much better when I ran today, but my calves were killing me, and that's why I couldn't go longer than 6 minutes.  I will stretch much better next time, so, hopefully, that will help, and I'll be able to run longer.  I've been slacking on the 30 Day Shred the last few days, but I'm getting ready to do it, right now!!  It feels good to have that fire in my belly I just have to keep it lit!

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