Thursday, June 2, 2011

**Day 153**

I haven't worn a dress in years!  Really, I can't even tell you the last time I had a dress on, but I bought one.  This is it:
Revive your wardrobe in this solid plus size tank dress that features
It's a size 14/16, and it fits!  It's just a bit snug in the bust area, but I won't be wearing it until July 16th, so it will be fine.  I'll be wearing it to my cousin's reception.  The reception is at a restaurant, so it won't be a fancy reception, and, I think, this dress will work.  I bought these shoes to go with the dress:
Stylish sophistication and serious comfort, all in one. Manmade. Impor
I don't love, love the shoes, but they are super comfortable, and they look good with the navy color of the dress.  Anyway, it will be weird to wear a dress again, but, hopefully, I will feel comfortable, and be able to pull it off!

Exercise today - 30 Day Shred, and 30 min. on the treadmill
Total calories today - 1470
Water - 96 ounces


  1. I really love the shoes and comfy is a bonus!

  2. Thanks, Jacqui! Yes, comfy shoes are a must for me!

  3. Super cute! WTG on the little black dress! Every girl needs one, IMO : ) I expect pictures!

  4. Hi, Jen! Actually, the dress is navy. I always buy black, so I decided to go a little different this time!:)