Thursday, August 4, 2011

**Day 216**

My daughter and I headed out for a 5K walk/run tonight, but we only did 2.6 miles.  I bought new running shoes for my daughter, but they started bothering her during the workout, so we had to turn back.  She probably just needs to break them in a little more.  Anyway, we ran about 20 min., and walked the rest, and it took us, just over, 40 minutes.  After we got home I got on my treadmill, and did a 1 mile walk/run - 3 min. walk, 2 min. run, 3 min. walk, 2 min. run, etc.:

I love that my daughter is wanting to run with me!  It feels great that we are doing this together, and I can't wait to do the race with her on Aug. 20th.  My younger daughter isn't all that interested in running with me, but I'm going to keep working on her! :)

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