Friday, September 23, 2011

**Days 265 & 266**

Weight today - 215:

2 pounds lost this week - yay!  Jeez, I can't wait to be out of the 200's.  I should have been out of the 200's a long time ago!  I'm 266 days into my journey, and I know that I could have done better.  Yes, losing 33.5 pounds is great, but that number could have been much higher if I hadn't allowed myself to get off track so many times, so I'm not happy about that, but I am proud of myself for not throwing in the towel, and giving up.  I will not give up - it's not an option.  I WILL succeed, and I will reach my goal!

I'm doing my third official 5K on Sunday - wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so with you... ready to get out of the 200s for good! Good luck Sunday :0) Kick some butt!

  2. You are doing so amazingly well! 2lbs is a great loss for the week (this coming from a woman who has seen barely a budge in the right direction on the scale for months)....Godo for you for staying so focused. Can you send a little focus my way? I'm good with exercise - just need to learn portion control!

  3. Wooot congrats on the loss! You're awesome!

  4. I've recently got to one-derland and like you I said to myself that I should have got there a lot quicker. Looking back though, I am pleased I got there the hard way because I learnt a lot by my mistakes and I think it will help in the long run when I start to maintain my weight. It also helps give me motivation to keep going knowing that I can always improve on my eating and exercise.

  5. Hi, Tim!! That's a great way to look at it - thanks!!