Monday, January 9, 2012

**Still Day 374**

Questions from Debby:

-  TV show you never miss:  The Biggest Loser.  I know the weight loss they have is not realistic in the real world, but I still love the show!
-  Favorite author/book of all time:  Too many authors and too many books to pick just one!
-  If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?:  Anywhere sunny with a beach!
-  Favorite color:  I can't pick just one!  
-  Your most annoying habit:  I'm a procrastinator!  
-  Homeschool or public school:  Homeschool!  
-  Sunshine/Rain/Snow/ favorite weather:  Sunshine, but, sometimes, I love the rain!
-  Big Purse/ Little Purse/ Diaper bag/ No bag?:  Big purse
-  Favorite exercise?:  Treadmill
-  Favorite drink?:  Iced Tea 
-  Are you afraid of dying?:  Yes, I don't want to miss anything!


  1. I'd say being a procrastinator was my best habit! hahaha

  2. I am a BL addict now. My husband and I only started watching a couple of seasons ago. Yes, there is a lot I don't like about the show. But I still love to watch.

  3. I read your responses and I thot, OH MY, shes so much like me!! Biggest Loser is my number one never miss show!!! Beach and sun!!!! And OH do I procrastinate!!! Homeschooled my daughter! And I love my treadmill, I dont understand why people call it the dreadmill!!

  4. Hi Karen! I sure wish I could get Bob Harper to move in with me for a month!!

    Hi Debby! Thanks for the questions - it was fun answering them! My girls have never been to school - homeschooled their whole lives, so far. We really love it!

  5. Tim - I think, I will ALWAYS be a procrastinator, so, maybe I'll start looking at it as my best habit, too! :)