Thursday, March 22, 2012

**Day 447**

Most of my aches and pains were gone today (except for the heel), so I did some 5k training with two friends tonight.  We did day 2 of week 1.  I felt much better, and I didn't have any major issues during, or after, the workout- just some heel pain, but it's manageable.  Our kids came with us, and my girls really enjoyed it, so they're going to join on from now on.  It always feels great to exercise with my girls!

I'm surprised how hard it is for me to run one minute straight!  I workout at the gym often, so I didn't think I would get so winded jogging outside, but, wow, just the one minute kicks my butt!!  It takes the whole 90 seconds walk break to catch my breath before I have to run again, but it will get easier - I just have to keep at it!


  1. Heel pain SUCKS!!! I sure hope it feels better soon!!

  2. Yeah, definitely keep at it. I remember having the exact same feeling but all you have to do is trust the C25K program and it works. Keep giving your best :)