Thursday, March 29, 2012

**Day 454**

Today's weight:
So, up 2.5 pounds from yesterday!  Ugg!  This is why weighing daily is not a good idea, but I'm only doing it for this one week.   Anyway, I didn't exercise yesterday, and I didn't eat supper until 9:30pm, so, maybe, that had something to do with the gain.  Who knows?

I'll be going out to do my C25K training in a bit, and I'm really hoping my knees don't hurt like they did Tuesday.  I already have to deal with the constant heel pain, so I don't want to start worrying about my knees, too!


  1. The most important thing is too stay calm no matter what it says on the scales. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. It's interesting to see your weight change this week. Seeing the difference each day proves to me why I think it's a good thing to avoid the scales on a daily basis if you want to keep yourself from going insane! LOL

    1. I agree, Tim! I'm, definitely, done with the daily weigh-ins!