Friday, March 9, 2012

**Days 433 & 434**

I did go to the gym yesterday, but my phone, once again, ate my pictures!!  They're on there somewhere!  I'm going to have my hubby find them.  Anyway, I went with my dad, so he can vouch for me - right, Dad? :)  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I didn't weigh-in until almost 12:30 today.  I had a busy morning - around 7am I started texting with a friend about a dog she found (she lives in my neighborhood), and the dog was going to be in a crate for 12 hours because she was going to be gone all day, so we made plans for me to let the dog out throughout the day, and then I started posting about the dog on different sites to try to find the owner.  Also, my girls had a couple friends spend the night, so I was distracted by the kids this morning.  Anyway, I just forgot to do my weigh-in first thing in the morning, like I usually do.  So, by the time I weighed-in I'd had a glass of almond milk, and about 36 ounces of water after my gym workout, and the scale showed:
So, that's a half pound gained - I was at 222.5 last week!  Also, I started my period yesterday (3 days early - dam!).  Let's see, I can't think of anymore excuses for my gain - that's it!!  Seriously, though - even though I worked out alot this week I did struggle with my eating, so that's why I gained, and didn't lose.  I only have myself to blame.

Today's gym workout was 30 minutes on the elliptical:
and 25 minutes on the treadmill (5 min. cooldown):
460 calories burned - I'll take it!

Ben shared this woman's story on his blog today: 

It's impressive what she's accomplished since Jan. 2011!  Amazing!  I could have been there by now, too, if I hadn't let myself slack off, but, again, I only have myself to blame.  It can be done though.....Lindsey, and so many others are proof!  I just need to keep my head in the game!

Have a great weekend!

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